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We offer multi-location services

There are strategic advantages to having a strong national contractor network and a team of professionals managing it. Our customers can have the same job or project completed in 2 to 1000 different locations throughout the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Having one reliable point of contact reduces the customers workload while we coordinate your labor and material specifications to make sure the project gets completed on time and under budget!

Chain Store Maintenance's Projects Division specializes in bringing our customers' vision together with our expertise in large scale projects. We understand the need to drive down costs while keeping a high level of service to you and your customers.


We've assisted in projects big and small, from a single location refresh to several hundred concurrent store renovations. We're fluent in the challenges and ways your roll out needs to be handled to ensure a smooth transition for your customers, team members and facilities.

All retail stores run across a need at some point for Pest Control services. Chain Store has our own philosophy on Pest Control. We want to work for you and keep money in your pocket at the same time. We provide the following steps to provide this high level service:


1. Contact/dispatch vendor to service call within 24-72 hours.

2. Follow up with vendor to confirm there was an assessment and treatment on the agreed upon service date, and to request recommendations for further treatments as needed.

3.Follow up with store to verify vendor surveyed the entire store, treated, and made note of points of entry.

4.Follow up with store in 2 weeks from visit to insure a successful treatment was provided, or if the vendor is needed to return under their 30 day warranty.


Chain Store does not consider it "done" when the contractor leaves, as pests can multiply quickly. We ensure you are taken care of timely and effectively!

Chain Store also offers an extensive scheduled Pest Control maintenance program. The best way to handle any issue is by meeting it head on before it becomes a major issue. We recommend acting rather than reacting as much as possible and pest control is an issue you can be proactive about.

Don’t let your next inspection catch you by surprise, enroll in our Backflow Preventative Maintenance Plan. Let us handle all maintenance and repairs, we even take care of the permit paperwork with your local municipality.


Your system will receive all scheduled maintenance and we’ll keep local store management in the loop on upcoming service and inspections.

  • Multi-Location Backflow Testing
  • Advanced Testing Schedule
  • Liaison to Local Authorities
  • Fixed Cost Allocation
  • Advanced Testing Data Meter

Need monthly or yearly fire extinguisher checked without worrying about performance? Do you have a store manager that is worried about the Fire Marshall coming for a surprise visit? Chain Store Maintenance has a program already in place to help you avoid costly emergencies! Safety is among the top priorities for a store and you can't afford to go without having these updated or checked. We are currently serving retailers a hassle-free schedule of monthly, quarterly, or yearly service. Whatever the need, we are here to meet it. The store needs to be on watch for consumers, not the Fire Marshall.